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Ad-Hoc Questionnaires

Create & Manage Online

Create questionnaires fast using our intuitive drag-and-drop system - start from one of our standard templates, or write your own from scratch. You choose how to structure the questions and how to respond to a particular answer. Make questions conditional, and even reuse the work you've done across multiple questionnaires.

Question Types

Ask for data in the way that best suits the question you're asking.
Choose from:

In addition to these, Business Users can also use the following additional types:


Questionnaires can be published online for public completion, or sent to your device to allow you to collect the answers yourself. Business Users can publish the questionnaire to any of their staff for completion and allow their staff to download and complete them on their behalf. The questionnaires are presented in a way designed to streamline the completion process quickly and easily, allowing them to be completed with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of speed.