Enhanced Audit


Enhanced Audit is designed from the ground up to provide customisable functionality that empowers the user to create questionnaires and audits that suit them. Sometimes, however, users would benefit from some more guidance and that's where the Reseller User comes in. All of the following features are additional enhancements that are available to our resellers.

Provide Additional Resources Globally

As an Enhanced Audit reseller, you provide the value-added services that your customers expect. Create a portfolio of questionnaires for your customers to use, create specific report configurations to speed up their analysis, or even manage any aspect of their setup on their behalf.

Full System Branding

You can add your own branding across all sites you control. This will replace the Enhanced Audit branding in some key areas across the site, allowing you to resell Enhanced Audit as if it was your own product.

Permission to Resell

You are free to sell Enhanced Audit as if it was your own product. By preconfiguring the system and maintaining your customers' data for them, you provide an extra level of value-added service on top of the standard Enhanced Audit features. The price you charge to your own customers above the base cost of Enhanced Audit is entirely at your discretion. You decide with your customers the market value that your services provide.

Client Management

A specially designed portal allows you to manage your clients. Each client performs in the same way as a "Business" account, and data created by that client is safely isolated from other clients under your control. To your client, it is as if they have their own specific portal - just like a business user of Enhanced Audit, but this time, with your branding, and with access to the questionnaires, reports, and asset types that you have made available.

Centralised Administration

You can also command a fleet of auditors and grant these users access to specific clients/sites or even multiple clients. Responsibility for audit completion can be delegated completely between the reseller's staff and their clients to suit your business model.

Client Invoicing

To assist with the process of managing multiple clients and contracts, the system will automatically produce invoices for each client on your behalf at the end of each month. A full breakdown of your charges, and how these charges are distributed across their clients is available immediately and transparently.

Enhanced Support

As a reseller, you are managing multiple clients and are an ambassador of our brand and product. As such, you benefit from enhanced access to our support staff and quicker response times to questions or requests.