Enhanced Audit

Analysing Results

Statistics & Graphs

As questionnaires are completed, the answers given are automatically summarised in real time. How many people said yes? How many said no? The results will then need to be analysed and used to drive business decisions.

Enhanced Audit will provide a comprehensive reporting suite to allow the users to interrogate their data in whichever way suits them best. Statistical analysis of results is available immediately through a clearly presented dashboard. You can choose how to view them - picking the metrics to measure and the dimensions to use to split the data.

Results from multiple questionnaires can be shown graphically, plotted against time, or the answers to multiple questions can be plotted against each other: How does the PH change based on the temperature? How is reliability affected by speed?

Individual Answers

From this, you can drill into the reports, even viewing the individual questionnaires that make up their data - all information recorded can be viewed in full granularity. Drill down from a top level summary, right to the individual answers given by specific users.

Fully Exportable

Premium Users can download all results, statistics, and graphs for further offline processing. The data stored belongs to you, you are able to download it and keep your own copy onsite - if you want to process or manipulate the data in any way that we don't directly support, you have full access to the source data to exploit to suit your needs.

Enhanced Reporting for Business Users

Business Users also get access to additional online facilities, adding pivot-table functionality natively to the website and allowing reports to be saved for reuse by all staff.