Enhanced Audit

User Management

Businesses have more than one person managing their auditing process, and often more than one location where they work. Enhanced Audit Business Users reflect this by adding the following features:

Multiple Users

Multiple users can be created against an account and assigned the rights that reflect the job that they do. Multiple people can administer the system, multiple people can collect data, and multiple people can review the results. All controlled by nominated account administrators.

Multi-Site Data

Users & assets can be assigned to a site to allow multiple separate silos of data to be controlled from a central place - allowing aggregation of results at a site level and across all sites. Administrators have full control over the assets or questionnaires that they have access to, allowing a central administrator to effectively delegate responsibility for a site to the most relevant personnel.

Authenticated Questionnaire Completion

Completed questionnaires will always be attributed to the operator that initiated it, and scheduled tasks can be assigned to specific members of staff. All data entered is audited and recorded in a user's own name, allowing full tracking of work completion.